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About Building Connections: Guiding You On Your Journey

Helping you navigate the non-profit landscape.

We Provide Maps For Your Journey

Key Areas of Guidance


Building organizational capacity and infrastructure foundation


Improving program outcomes and impact


Increasing revenue streams


Establishing scalable programming


Activating and executing best practices

Building connections is about changing environments and growing organizations in our communities and our world by developing strategies that capitalize on an organization’s strengths. We take “deep dives” with them to create simple steps to take them on their journey. Our strategic work focuses on improving outcomes, diversifying revenue streams, increasing impact, scaling programs, building capacity, and establishing best practices.

Our passion is to leverage the possibilities across the continuum of social service entities, those they serve, their communities, and beyond. It is social change for the greater good.

It all starts with strategically looking at opportunities that can help you make a difference and change lives. It begins with an idea to solves a problem, bridges a gap, and fills a need. When possibilities are strategically linked and connected to the world around us, communities thrive, people flourish, and true change is realized.

When this true positive change happens, it helps us secure the future.

Key Sectors Served

We consider it a privilege to partner with you!

Poverty, Low Resourced, Person-in-Environment and Systems Approach, Self-Sufficiency, Comprehensive and Bundled Services, Basic Needs, Family and Youth, Multi-generational

Social Justice, Vulnerable, Historically Disenfranchised and Marginalized, Underserved, Under-Represented, Disabilities

Child Welfare and Maltreatment, Mental and Physical Health, Academic, Workforce Development, Skill Building, Life Skills

Mental Health, Physical Health, Wellbeing, Substance Abuse, Social Determinants of Health

Holistic and Comprehensive Model Individual and Family Services, Strengths-Based, Needs-Driven Care, Community-Based Services, Customized Service Planning, Focusing on All Life Domains, and Family-in-Environment

Non-Profit Navigation

Finding your way.

  • Discovery calls
  • Needs assessments
  • Guidance along your journey
  • Business development
  • Feedback sessions for leadership

Practices in Action

Charting a map for your journey.

  • Overall agency development guidance
  • Business development
  • Best practice implementation and activation
  • Strategic planning – short and long term – Development and Implementation
  • Fundraising plans and management
  • CRM Management


Tools you need on your journey.

  • Design – design to scale, scale to impact
  • Development based on best practices
  • Goals, objectives, outcomes, and impact development
  • Non-profit landscape scans
  • Community needs assessments
  • Program assessments
  • Goals, objectives, outcomes, and impact development

Funding Strategy

Resources for your journey.

  • Assessments
  • Case statement development
  • Grant readiness
  • Funder prospect research
  • Grant calendars
  • Grant strategy and proposal writing (Federal, Family and Corporate Foundations, Civic and Special Focus)
  • CRM management and audit
  • Beyond the grant and grant launch
  • Editing services or staff mentoring

Client Testimonials

Passionate About Their Work

The Building Connections Team members are passionate about their work and any client they “take on” and prove over and again to be highly reliable, vastly knowledgeable, and tremendously amenable to innovative ideas, but yet loyal to best practices in the non-profit management field. TACC is in its second life-cycle as an organization, and the team offers thorough work with high-level expertise assisting all of TACC’s stakeholders, including myself, through our complex transition.

Dorothea Lotze-Kola, Training and Counseling Center

A Powerhouse for Social Service Nonprofit Organizations

Building Connections is a powerhouse for social service non-profit organizations. They are well connected within the non-profit community and can pinpoint relevant collaborative opportunities for your organization. They understand the intricacies of funding – identifying grant opportunities as well as other streams of revenue, and they help non-profits improve current programming. Stephanie is insightful. She is passionate. She is brilliant. She is kind. Building Connections is nothing but a pleasure to work with.

Sandi Purinton, Partner, the Insurance Connection

Expertise, Wisdom, and Remarkable Skills

I have worked with Stephanie and many diverse projects over time and have become reliant upon her expertise, wisdom, and remarkable skills in all areas of non-profit management and growth. She has over 25 years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector and because of this—and her sunny personality and ability to meet all project criteria and by established deadlines, I have become dependent on her as my “Go To” person.

Carolyn Polakowski, Partner, Cay Communications

Invested In the Success of Our Organization

As the Executive Director of a small non-profit, YELLS (Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving, Inc.), I have been extremely fortunate to have Stephanie Watson and Building Connections, LLC in our corner. Stephanie is extremely responsive, easy to work with, and invested in the success of our organization. She is knowledgeable about the non-profit world, community at large, and funding landscape. Her grant writing services and overall support are helping our organization grow our capacity so we can focus more on the youth and families we serve.

Laura Keefe, YELLS Executive Director

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About Our Founder

Stephanie M. Watson

Stephanie Watson

Building Connections grew out of the need for Founder Stephanie Watson to navigate her own journey. In 2000, with her kids in school full-time and facing life as a single parent, she capitalized on her strengths, education, and years of experience, and began her journey working with one client on a  part-time basis.

Over the years, Building Connections has now grown, more than was ever expected, to serving many clients long-term on their journey and working with a talented team of people to make a true impact in the world.

Stephanie reached beyond the need for a fulfilling job — to an actual mission!